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Scroll down to read about each BLI location and the courses being offered at each one

Biblical Leadership Institute
Knysna | 6 Queen Street

The first-ever location for the Biblical Leadership Institute was at the ministry headquarters for Knysna Hope. Located at 6 Queen Street in Knysna Central, this location is easily accessible from anywhere in Knysna and surrounding communities.

Classes will resume at this location in March 2024. Watch this space for more information.

Biblical Leadership Institute
George | 76 Cradock Street

The newest location for the Biblical Leadership Institute is at the ministry headquarters for Inspire George. Located at 76 Cradock Street in the business district of the city of George, this location is close to all major bus routes.

2024 Courses

  • Biblical Preaching | February 3, 17; March 2, 16

  • Counseling the Hard Cases | April 20; May 4, 18; June 1

  • Theology 4 - Church, Kingdom and Consummation | July 20; August 3, 17, 31

  • Exegesis of Romans | October 5, 19; November 2, 16

Biblical Leadership Institute
Sedgefield | 3 Duiwe Avenue

The Sedgefield location has been the busiest location in our short history. Situated just off the N2 on Duiwe Avenue, this location is housed in the Lakeside Ministry Building.

Current Course

Theology 1 - God, Creation and the Fall | February 10, 24; March 9, 23


In this course, we will overview the doctrines of God, Angelic Beings, Mankind, and Sin. We will consider these doctrines via a walk through of the entire biblical narrative.

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